with a simple Chaos System

Artist Statement

This started with an attempt to program a set of generative graphics that has the ability to grow and go forever. We wanted there is a deposition of events, of facts that future result takes root on. And we wanted the image to have self-similar elements of itself. These three core values finally composed this set of Generative Graphics.

To achieve these core values we borrowed the concept of a Chaos System coined by Edward Lorenz, the father of Chaos Theory, and simplify it with calculation of some sin and cos formulas. Furnished with 2 colors it finally appeared what it now is. A set of graphics that grows. It does not settle but becomes more stable as time goes. We have not proven but believe it grows and will become old. Boundaries will be blurred. Color will mix. To some extent we think it is a bit like an organic creature which is quite out of our expectation.

Later on it was when Bjork released her stereogram music video of Wanderlust that drove our interests on a further attempt of a stereogram version which is more of a visual spectacle with all three core values there.

Programming on ActionScript 3.0.

v003 v013 v017
stereogram version (In Progress)