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This archive tries to summarize a cultural emergence of the practice of spatial manipulation in Restaurant City. We collected data of 64 players in Restaurant City through the author account.

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Spatial Manipulation for efficiency: Detouring / Sweatshop

Tranlated Everyday Standards:
Isolated Toilets / Open Toilets
Feng Shui / Self-Expression and Aesthetics


An Essay: What is Restaurant City?

Restaurant City is an online simulation game on Facebook that has gained popularity recently. Like Fantasy Restaurant but an online version, in Restaurant City every player owns a restaurant. The goal in the game is to level up and expand your restaurant.

Mechanism: Barter and mutual beneficial transaction.

As a player in Restaurant City, your basic duty is to efficiently manage your restaurant to ensure customers are served with the highest level of dishes available and quickly.

In addition to this, you will have to try leveling up your dishes by engaging in barters of ingredients with your friends. You have to collect certain combinations of ingredients. Unlike usual online games, Restaurant City does not provide a store in which you can buy ingredients. Ingredients are endowed in 3 situations, one for every 24 hours, when you first visited your friendˇ¦s restaurants and when you passed the everyday food quiz. So, mutually beneficial barters with your friends are essential to prosper in the game.

There are 3 indexes in Restaurant City with which your restaurant is evaluated.

You earn $2 serving each customer. Money is so highly related to time spent on the game. With the money you can fulfill basic needs and requirements of the game. You can energize your employees to maintain productivity and install essential equipments, furniture and fitting. Beyond these, moneyˇ¦s sole usage would limit to purchase of decorative items.

Gourmet Points
ˇV in relation to levels of dishes and time spent.
You earn gourmet points by serving customer. The higher levels of your dishes the more gourmet points you earn serving each customer. Gourmet points is so related to levels of your dishes and time spent on the game.

ˇV in relation to management and efficiency.
You earn your popularity by satisfyingly serving your customers, while losing it when customers are not properly served. The crimes include unavailability of prepared tables, inefficiency in serving and messiness of restaurant. A good management of employees and efficiency is essential in this part. A higher level of popularity will bring you more customers and in turn accelerate your pace in leveling up.

Though not officially disclosed, a watershed level of popularity is said to be 30, beyond which activation of Easter eggs is possible.

Different Kinds of Spatial Manipulations

By making the barter of ingredients essential, Restaurant City encourages frequent visits to friendˇ¦s restaurants. In addition to ingredients exchanges, there is also a highly active exchange on ideas of spatial manipulations. Nonexclusive categories can so be spotted.