Virtual Fitting

an Interactive System


Virtual Fitting is an interactive system designed for business which sells tees as their major products. Embodied with real-time motion tracking and projection, Virtual Fitting brings customers a brand new fitting experience. Now customers no longer need to change a lot to fit different prints! Provided with a simple user interface, Virtual Fitting is fun, informative and easy to use! You choose a tee that fits your size. Enter our fitting room. Pick a print with a press on the interface and the print will appear projected on your tee! Press and fit! Press and fit! One change to fit unlimited number of prints!

On Virtual Fitting there is no limit on the number of prints in the system. Information like price, material, place of origin, designerˇ¦s detail can be imported and shown to customers. Virtual Fitting performs best on white tees, which implies performance on tees of different colors would still need improvement. Besides, it only supports frontal and back print projection. These are facts. The team is working to improve, performance, accuracy and flexibility of the system.

Artist Statement

A print that looks smart hanging does not always looks the same on human body. So even buying tees ˇV one of the most basic items of an outfit ˇV requires a lot of putting on and off. This becomes especially a problem when it is a 31?c summer day and sweating you are; when youˇ¦ve spent an hour making your head and now is about to mess it up; and when you wanted to fit 10 of them. These are all uncomfortable moments. And this is how the idea of Virtual Fitting comes ˇV to create a device that minimizes those putting on and off and to allow us to fit as many as prints we want.

To be honest, we donˇ¦t think Virtual Fitting is something new or groundbreaking. I would say we are trying reasonably to make everyday activities virtual and at the same time to maintain that bodily experience. This may sound a bit contradictory. That on the one hand we tried to reduce the number of change but on the other to maintain one. This surely has its concern on technical aspect of the accuracy of motion tracking and projection. The other aspect this situation echoes with the teamˇ¦s advocate to accept things but to minimize sufferings, or inconvenience if here isnˇ¦t to make it big. Yes, we can say it is a bit of a bittersweet situation.

In short, the general aim is to make things easier and furnish it with gimmicks. Easy, convenient and fun, which are always top qualities the team is searching for. And, that is, Virtual Fitting ˇV Easy, Convenient and Fun experience in shopping scene.

Programming on PureDate.